Skinny Body Pay Plan

Skinny Body Pay Plan

8 Ways to get paid

Each product package is given a Business Volume (BV) amount. All percentages paid out in the compensation plan are based on that Business Volume (BV).


Powerline Bonus

As you will experience, our exclusive Powerline system is one of the most exciting and powerful business building systems in the industry. On top of giving you and your new Distributors the opportunity to lock in your position and be placed in our fast filling matrix before potentially hundreds or thousands of other people, we also reward you for taking action by guaranteeing you a check when the first 3 people below you in the powerline have 50BV in personal volume either by their own purchase for personal consumption or by retailing 50BV worth of product! Powerline commissions are a one-time commission paid out the first month only. After that, all earnings come from the matrix, matching bonuses, bulk order bonuses, and leadership pools.



Retail Bonuses

To remain active as a distributor of Skinny Body Care, you must keep your position qualified each month with 50BV in personal volume. This qualification can be achieved either by purchasing product for your own personal consumption or by retailing the product to others.

As a Distributor, you have the ability to purchase our amazing Skinny Fiber product for the wholesale distributor price of just $59.95 per bottle. You may also sell Skinny Fiber through your retail website at the retail price of $79.95 per bottle.

You will receive a $20 Retail Bonus for each and every bottle of Skinny Fiber sold through your retail website!


Fast Start Bonus with Infinity Overrides

One of the most exciting parts of the Skinny Body Care compensation plan is the ability to make money FAST with some of the industry’s most generous Fast Start Bonuses that are paid out each and every WEEK.

In fact, you can earn up to $200 for each person you introduce when they make their first product purchase…and there is no limit as to how many people you can share this amazing product and opportunity with!

What’s even more exciting is that as those people introduce new distributors who purchase or retail our Skinny Body Care products, they will earn the Enroller Fast Start Bonus and YOU could up to an additional $40 override on the initial product purchases of EVERYONE in your entire enroller tree organization infinite levels deep!

Fast Start Bonuses and Overrides are paid out based on the initial product purchase of new customers and distributors based on Business Volume (BV) assigned to the product package they purchase.

Example: A one bottle order has a BV value of 50. That means the enroller bonus would be 50% of 50BV which would be a $25 Fast Start Commission for the enroller. A Premier Pack order (6 Bottles, Buy 3 get 3 free) has a 150BV value and will generate a $75 Fast Start Bonus to the enroller.

Infinity overrides are paid infinite levels deep based on rank qualifications in your enroller tree. So if you are a Diamond, for example, and one of your personally enrolled Silver distributors enrolled a new person with a Bonus Pack (100BV), the enroller would earn a $50 Fast Start Bonus, and you would earn a $2 (calculated 2% of 100BV) Second Generation Silver override, a $2 First Generation Gold override, a $2 First Generation Platinum Override, and a $2 First Generation Diamond Override for a total of $8 for that new enrollment.

If you are a Gold ranked Distributor and you personally enroll someone who purchases a Premier Pack for 150BV, you will earn a $75 Enroller Bonus, plus a $3 First Generation Bronze Override, a $3 First Generation Silver Override, and a $3 First Generation Gold Override for a total Fast Start Bonus of $84 just on that person alone.

Fast Start Bonuses are paid on the first order of new customers and distributors. All additional orders are paid out through the Matrix, Matching Bonuses, Bulk Order Bonuses and Leadership Pools.


Matrix Commissions

Once you activate your position as a distributor with 50BV in personal volume, you are given a business center position in our 3 x 8 matrix. This will allow you to earn income on all product purchases and sales for customers and distributors, after their initial order, up to 8 levels in your matrix. As you achieve higher levels of rank, you will qualify you to earn on additional levels of volume in your matrix.

All percentages in the above chart are based on Business Volume (BV). Earnings per level column is for example purposes only. Amounts are based on 50BV in product sales per person with all levels and positions in the matrix filled. These numbers are not to be understood as an implied nor guaranteed amount of what any individual will earn in the matrix as all commissions are based on product sales and nobody can predict nor guarantee how many people will purchase product each month nor how many people will be under you in the matrix.

The first order of every Customer and Distributor is paid out through Fast Start Bonuses, meaning zero BV from the initial order goes into the matrix. 50BV of every order after the initial order goes into the matrix and is paid out through Matrix Bonuses, Matching Bonuses, and Leadership Pools.


Infinity Matching Bonuses

The Skinny Body Care compensation program was designed to reward our distributors for selling our Skinny Fiber product and for introducing new distributors to do the same. And we believe that our Infinity Matching Bonuses reward our distributors more than ANY other compensation plan in the industry!

On top of the commissions that you can earn in your matrix, you also have the ability to match a percentage of ALL of the commissions that everyone in your enroller tree earns each and every month.

In fact, with 7 Generations of matching bonuses you will match up to 100% of the entire matrix commissions of EVERYONE in your entire enroller tree.

Example: : Infinity matching bonuses are paid infinite levels deep based on rank qualifications in your enroller tree. So if you are a Diamond, and one of your personally enrolled Silver distributors earned $3,000 in their matrix, you would earn a 50% First Generation Bronze match ($1,500), 20% First Generation Silver match ($600), a 12% First Generation Gold match ($360), an 8% First Generation Platinum match ($240), and a 5% First Generation Diamond match ($150) for a total match of $2,850 on that distributor’s matrix!

As your team grows, it is not unrealistic to match hundreds, possibly even thousands of matrix checks each and every month!


Bulk Order Bonuses


With the tremendous product value and compensation plan rewards that our Customers and Distributors receive when ordering more than one bottle of product at a time, it just makes sense that so many people take advantage of our bulk order packages.

And with our huge Bulk Order Bonuses, YOU get rewarded too!

In fact, every time an order is placed for more than 50BV worth of product at a time, the first 50BV goes into the Matrix, and the rest is paid out through the Bulk Order Bonus with Infinity Overrides.

All orders for more than 50BV are categorized as bulk orders. The first 50BV of each order gets paid out in the matrix. The remainder is paid out through the Bulk Order Bonus.

Examples: If you are a Platinum ranked Distributor and one of your personally enrolled members purchased a Premier Pack (6 bottles at 150BV) of product, the first 50BV is paid out through Matrix and Matching bonuses in the Matrix. On the remaining 100BV, you would earn 20% for being the enroller which is $20, put 2% ($2) First Generation Bronze Override, 2% ($2) First Generation Silver Override, 2% ($2) First Generation Gold Override, and 2% ($2) First Generation Platinum Override for a total of $28 Bulk Order Bonus on TOP of your Matrix and Matching Bonuses you will also receive on that order.

If you are a Diamond, and one of your personally enrolled Silver distributor’s personally enrolled member ordered a 20 pack of Skinny Fiber (400BV) for example, 50BV goes to the Matrix, and 350BV is paid out in Bulk Order Bonus. That means the enroller would earn a $70 Bulk Order Bonus, and YOU would earn a 2% ($7) Second Generation Silver override, a 2% ($7) First Generation Gold override, a 2% ($7) First Generation Platinum Override, and a 2% ($7) First Generation Diamond Override for a total of $28 for that person’s order…on TOP of the Matrix and Matching Bonuses you will also earn on that order.

Bulk Order Bonuses are paid on all orders of more than 50BV after the original order. Bulk Order Bonuses are paid each WEEK along with Fast Start Bonuses!


Monthly Leadership Pools

Through our revolutionary Leadership Pools, YOU can earn a percentage of EVERY dollar that comes into the ENTIRE company EVERY MONTH!

In fact, after the initial 50BV order, 5% of the first 50BV on EVERY additional order is shared with our ranked distributors through our Leadership Pools!

This gives you a very powerful way to share in total company revenue and put even more money in your pocket each and every month.

The 5% is split amongst all ranked members as follows:

Since less people share in the higher pools, the shares of each successive pool are higher than the previous pool. Members only participate in the Leadership Pool that they qualify for each month.*Leadership pools are paid to Distributors who achieve rank by production. Joining at the Silver or Gold level by purchasing Bonus Pack or Premier Pack will still qualify you for the additional levels of pay in the matrix and matching bonuses, but you will not participate in the Leadership Pools.


Rank Achievement Bonuses

The BEST compensation plan in the industry just got even BETTER. On top of the already HUGE payout through our Fast Start Bonuses, Retail Bonuses, Matrix Commissions, Matching Bonuses, Bulk Order Bonuses, and Leadership Pools, we are reward leaders who achieve Gold or above with the most exciting Rank Achievement Bonuses in the Industry!

Once you qualify for Gold or above for three consecutive months, you will receive the following CASH BONUSES on TOP of ALL of your other commissions.

All Rank Achievement Bonuses are added to commissions. Purchase ideas are just suggestions, not actual prizes.

Click here to read details on rank advancement.

Rank Achievement Bonuses are paid out one-time for each rank achieved paid out the first Friday of the month following the third month of rank qualification.

With the most lucrative compensation plan in the industry to put money in your pocket FAST and LONG TERM, coupled with the best weight management product on the market, it’s no surprise that Skinny Body Care is the fastest growing company in the industry!

*The examples used are for demonstration purposes only and do not guarantee nor imply any level of income. The Skinny Body Care compensation program is designed to reward independent distributors for sharing our products with others. Because we do not know how much product you will sell or how many distributors you will introduce, we cannot guarantee how much income you will earn or that you will make a profit. What we CAN guarantee is that commissions are paid out on time each and every Thursday for the Fast Start Bonuses and the first Friday of each month for the previous month’s volume for the Matrix, Matching Bonuses and Leadership Pools! So don’t hesitate. Take action TODAY!


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